Thanks to Doodles Invigorate for a very special message today. I thank her particularly for her uplifting and inspirational sharing of her experience of drawing closer to God.
“When I walk with God, light is shed on the scary shadows and the creatures of the dark. Then I see there is nothing to fear.”
Blessings, peace, love and light to you!

Doodles Invigorate


The bigger picture always looks shiny, new, fresh…simply amazing! Obtaining the bigger picture usually comes at a price. The journey it takes to get the prize is no walk in the park. It is more like a walk in the big bad woods. Focusing on the bigger picture always helps me to walk through the treacherously scary parts. When I walk with God, light is shed on scary shadows and the creatures of the dark. Then I see there is nothing to fear. Finding enjoyment in the process always helps me to find joy in the perseverance that builds character and stamina. Look at the bigger picture!

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Prayer of thanks to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Thank you for the healing that you are working deep inside me.

Thank you that you are healing my mind, my body and my spirit.

Thank you that you are guiding me on the path of love and light.

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for the strength to do as you will guide me today.

Open the ears of my heart to listen closely for your guidance.

And to be a channel of your holy power.

Thank you that this day I will have the opportunity to make the life

of at least one person, a little bit brighter,

Through your grace, by your grace, living in your grace.


Angel Protection Prayer

This prayer was given to me by a friend as an Archangel Michael Protection Prayer. It has been of comfort to me. I keep an open mind about Angels and would love to hear from anyone who has had any kind of experiences that you consider to be Angelic.

I was told a quite unforgettable story by someone who was saved, when he was 5 years old, from a vicious dog attack, by a voice who guided him. The voice was so clear, he has never forgotten it, and it told him what to do when he was completely panicked and had no idea how to protect himself. It was this early experience which had resulted in a life long, unwavering belief in God. When I asked my friend, did he think it was an Angel who had communicated with him or did he think it was God? He answered, “there is no difference”.

Archangel Michael Protection Prayer

Scribe me a fortress, issue of light

Afford me thy presence, of angel might.

Cast me the circle, impenetrable band,

Raise high thy fiery sword, in thy hand.

Beloved protector, divine in thy power,

Accost thee, the darkness

Enfold me this hour.



Note: The angelic sword is symbolic of truth.

Life Giving Power

Thank you that your strength is available at all times for us to draw on,

Guide me to you today, give me a heart that can serve you

Help me to overcome everything in me which turns me away from you

Fill me with Your Holy, life giving spirit.

May each and every thing I do today be done in a spirit of love and service.


Deep inside each one of us

Deep inside of each one of us is light that is utterly peaceful
 and quiet.

It is the you in me and the me in you.

It is unaffected and undisturbed by the outer world.

It is unchanged by birth and death.

It is not limited by time and space.

Teachers can teach you about the world, but only you can come to know the inner you.

This inner light is always pure, ever present, and free of sorrow.

Learn to rest in the Self.

Come to know the Bliss.


Thank you to amartingarcia – for posting this beautiful quote on his blog: Unanimous Tradition / Tradición Unánime

Prayer for today I

I pray for the patience, to wait on you silently

In silence You said you will hear me.

Silently You will lift me,

Out of the mud and the mire.

I pray in my silence you will raise me,

and set my feet on your rock.

You alone are the firm place to stand.

I pray for a heart that can praise You,

I pray for a heart that can trust You

to take the burdens I cling to.

To give them all over to You.



Inspiration taken from Psalm 40: 1-3


Loving Kindness Prayer

I pray today for a heart filled with loving kindness.

I pray for a heart that can wish well to all who have harmed me.

I acknowledge I cannot do this alone, I need to be filled with Your love.

There are wounds so deep, that only You can touch that hidden place

I pray for Your Divine love to caress the scars on my soul

and replace the hurt, the anger, the pain with Your peace.

That through Your love, I can send blessings to my enemies

and through blessing them, conquer all hate, and heal the wounds

they have made.


Prayer for new friends

Thank you for the strangers we meet,

that through Your blessing become friends.

Open my heart that I may be drawn to those

who have a unique blessing to give.

And to whom I am drawn to bless in return.

May we each shine a light on the darkness,

which we have failed to heal on our own.

I pray for Your guidance to meet them,

the friends that I have not yet seen.

And I pray for the strength and the joy,

to greet them, in love and compassion.