Angel Protection Prayer

This prayer was given to me by a friend as an Archangel Michael Protection Prayer. It has been of comfort to me. I keep an open mind about Angels and would love to hear from anyone who has had any kind of experiences that you consider to be Angelic.

I was told a quite unforgettable story by someone who was saved, when he was 5 years old, from a vicious dog attack, by a voice who guided him. The voice was so clear, he has never forgotten it, and it told him what to do when he was completely panicked and had no idea how to protect himself. It was this early experience which had resulted in a life long, unwavering belief in God. When I asked my friend, did he think it was an Angel who had communicated with him or did he think it was God? He answered, “there is no difference”.

Archangel Michael Protection Prayer

Scribe me a fortress, issue of light

Afford me thy presence, of angel might.

Cast me the circle, impenetrable band,

Raise high thy fiery sword, in thy hand.

Beloved protector, divine in thy power,

Accost thee, the darkness

Enfold me this hour.



Note: The angelic sword is symbolic of truth.

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