The best guides to healing prayer

These the best books I have found to help the practice of prayer for healing. I hope they will help you.

1. The Healing Light – by Agnes Sandford

The value of a truly good book with practical and spiritual advice on prayers for healing is priceless. A very special book on prayer and other methods of healing, is The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford.

First published during World War II and never out of print since, The Healing Light is described on the title page as “The Art and Method of Spiritual Healing from the Christian View-point and in the Christian Tradition.”

However, Agnes Sandford speaks very directly, and with an open heart to all people, Christian or not. She was perhaps well ahead of her time in acknowledging that the healing energies of our Creator can be received by all who are open to receive. All who truly have faith in a power beyond themselves may be healed by faith.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

2. Heaven on Earth: Timeless prayers of wisdom and love

A beautiful collection of prayers from many spiritual traditions, ancient and modern. Compiled by Stephanie Dowrick, with some lovely writing on the purpose and benefits of prayer.

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