Prayer for today I

I pray for the patience, to wait on you silently

In silence You said you will hear me.

Silently You will lift me,

Out of the mud and the mire.

I pray in my silence you will raise me,

and set my feet on your rock.

You alone are the firm place to stand.

I pray for a heart that can praise You,

I pray for a heart that can trust You

to take the burdens I cling to.

To give them all over to You.



Inspiration taken from Psalm 40: 1-3


Loving Kindness Prayer

I pray today for a heart filled with loving kindness.

I pray for a heart that can wish well to all who have harmed me.

I acknowledge I cannot do this alone, I need to be filled with Your love.

There are wounds so deep, that only You can touch that hidden place

I pray for Your Divine love to caress the scars on my soul

and replace the hurt, the anger, the pain with Your peace.

That through Your love, I can send blessings to my enemies

and through blessing them, conquer all hate, and heal the wounds

they have made.


A prayer for joy

Mother, Father, Creator God

I pray, awaken my heart to Your love today.

Help me to connect with Your Divine love,

and experience the joy of knowing,

and feeling and being able to truly thank You

for the wellspring of love inside me

in the place where You dwell.

May the Joy of your Love shine through me,

so bright that the dullest can see it.

I dedicate this day to Your Service,

and thank You for all I can give.




Uplifting Morning Prayer

blue mountains morning prayer

A morning prayer of gratitude to thank God for the simple blessings in our lives and uplift the spirit.

Mother, Father Creator God

I thank You for the morning light,

I thank You for Your light and strength

through Your grace I arise this morning.

I pray for a renewed spirit of gratitude

and to live this day in mindfulness of You.

You are the One who gives me strength,

may I be with You today, in every way.


Prayer for those who heal us

Mother, Father, Creator God,

Thank you for guiding me to the ones

who lead me on the path of healing.

Bless them with peace and health.

Help me to listen with the ears of my heart

for the names of the places they would lead me.

Unblock all barriers that would divert me

from the way that leads to real Life.

May I be truly thankful to receive

the healing your earth-angels offer.

As they open my wounds and let in

the balm of your light and your love.


Prayer of thanks after a storm

Thank you God for the cleansing rain and clearing thunder.

May your elemental power renew all that was dry and wilting,

within us, around us and without us.

Wash away the dust which settles on my heart.

Refresh my spirit with air washed clean.

Bring me the gift of your hope, with the first rays of sun.

Mine has been battered, storm tossed and bedraggled.

Yours is eternal, indestructible and innate.

I pray, guide me to draw on it, whenever mine should fail.

After the storm comes new life, pray, open my eyes to see.


Prayer of thanks for sunsets

Creator Mother, Father God,

Thank you for radiant sunsets,

thank you for wind-kissed clouds,

sculpted into such divine patterns.

Thank you for cooling breezes that make me feel alive.

Thank you for the glow of the lowering sun,

changing the sky into liquid gold.

An unexpected awe arising from a simple walk.

Help me to be fully present in the majestic ending of

this day,  dying to bring new life tomorrow.

Open my heart wide that it can be filled with

the expanse of heaven.

Imprint this beauty within me, until long

after the sky has faded.

I pray to remember this glorious vision and

for your light to burn brightly inside.