Prayer for today I

I pray for the patience, to wait on you silently

In silence You said you will hear me.

Silently You will lift me,

Out of the mud and the mire.

I pray in my silence you will raise me,

and set my feet on your rock.

You alone are the firm place to stand.

I pray for a heart that can praise You,

I pray for a heart that can trust You

to take the burdens I cling to.

To give them all over to You.



Inspiration taken from Psalm 40: 1-3


Uplifting Morning Prayer

blue mountains morning prayer

A morning prayer of gratitude to thank God for the simple blessings in our lives and uplift the spirit.

Mother, Father Creator God

I thank You for the morning light,

I thank You for Your light and strength

through Your grace I arise this morning.

I pray for a renewed spirit of gratitude

and to live this day in mindfulness of You.

You are the One who gives me strength,

may I be with You today, in every way.