Prayer of thanks to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Thank you for the healing that you are working deep inside me.

Thank you that you are healing my mind, my body and my spirit.

Thank you that you are guiding me on the path of love and light.

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for the strength to do as you will guide me today.

Open the ears of my heart to listen closely for your guidance.

And to be a channel of your holy power.

Thank you that this day I will have the opportunity to make the life

of at least one person, a little bit brighter,

Through your grace, by your grace, living in your grace.


Prayer of thanks after a storm

Thank you God for the cleansing rain and clearing thunder.

May your elemental power renew all that was dry and wilting,

within us, around us and without us.

Wash away the dust which settles on my heart.

Refresh my spirit with air washed clean.

Bring me the gift of your hope, with the first rays of sun.

Mine has been battered, storm tossed and bedraggled.

Yours is eternal, indestructible and innate.

I pray, guide me to draw on it, whenever mine should fail.

After the storm comes new life, pray, open my eyes to see.